Our Services

Regulated Bioanalysis


Comprehensive support of preclinical and clinical studies in full compliance with regulatory guidelines using LC-MS/MS, including:

  • Method development or method transfer
  • Method validation
  • Sample analysis

Discovery Bioanalytical Services


Rapid method development and sample analysis to support discovery in all types of biological matrices, including:

  • Method development or method transfer
  • Method qualification
  • Sample analysis

Plasma Protein Binding in Humans


Full execution of plasma protein binding studies in humans during drug development process, including:

  • Ultrafiltration and equilibrium dialysis
  • Evaluation of extent of binding to plasma proteins

Consulting Services


Range of consulting services offered to large, mid-size, and small pharmaceutical companies, including:

  • Management and oversight of CRO bioanalytical studies
  • Mock regulatory inspections and training
  • IND application review